ST. Thomus Convent School - Regulations & Guidelines

Please read all guidelines provided in all given section

Understanding the Parenteral Guidelines

  • All the parents are requested to read all the Rules, Circulars & Regulations given herein as below or provided from time to time, by means of electronic or conventional mail, telephonically etc.
  • Ignorance of Rules & Regulations is not an excuse, for not following the same.
  • For a good, long lasting relation between school and parents, please communicate through right channels, when-ever it is necessary.
  • Parents are requested to deal with the school staff politely especially front desk staff viz fee clerks receptionist etc.
  • Parents can discuss the academics of their wards with their teachers, On timings fixed by the school OR By fixing appointments with teachers by parents through school portal
  • Parents are requested to attend the PTMs, functions.
  • Discipline is important and we place great stress on praising good conduct and rewarding effort. Inappropriate behaviour is approached as a matter of concern for both home and school.
  • Lost property is easily traced if it is named. Unclaimed goods are kept in" Lost Property" areas. At the end of each term notice is given to parents that lost property is to be donated to charity.
  • Class Photographs are taken each year. Parents have the option of purchasing photos if they wish. Specifics and price information are supplied to the parents.
  • Children are expected to attend school daily unless they are ill or have a genuine reason for not being present. If your child will be away from school please notify the office. Upon return to school after an absence, parents should provide the classroom teacher with a written letter specifying the reason for the absence. Please send a letter to the teacher in advance if you need to take a child out of class for any period of time, The students of classes IX and X are not allowed to take leave without permission from Authorities.
  • Emergency contact information is kept on file at the office for your childs safety and well being. It is important that emergency information is kept upto date. Please notify the office of any change of address, phone number or employment. Any change in health must be informed immediately to the school office.
  • Punctuality and regular attendance are very important in maintaining a consistent academic programme. All children should be in school on time.
  • Children are not encouraged to bring toys to school as the school can not take responsibility for the security of these treasures. When sending money to school for whatever purpose, please place it in an envelope with your childs name, class, the amount and what it is for. Children should not bring money or valuables to school, unless they have prior approval from their teachers.
  • All visitors entering the school must first report to the school office/reception. This regulation is for the protection of all the children and to meet the requirement of safety regulations.
  • The students of class VI onwards are prohibited to use "Two wheelers *Mobile Phones & *Laptops even at home. If anyone found guilty, he/she will be rusticated from school with immediate effect.
  • If a student is found misbehaving in school or creating INDISCIPLINE of any sort, he/she will be rusticated from school after 3rd NOTICE/NOTIFICATION.
  • It is compulsory to bring vegetable and chapaati daily (except Saturday) and to finish both simultaneously.
  • Students are not allowed to bring expensive goods in school (pens, bags, markers etc.). If found, the same will be kept by the authorities & wont be returned.
  • Fine will be imposed upon the students of class V onwards for not speaking in English (Rs. 5/-or Rs.10/-).

ST. Thomus Convent School

Understanding the Fee Regulations

  • Tuition fee is payable for 12 months i.e from April to March
  • Fee can be paid upto 12th of every month without fine. For more information regarding the fine policy, please contact the schools accounts department.
  • School fee can be deposited by either of following means Cash deposit at school fee counter(upto 01:30 PM) on working days. Parenteral portal allocated by school. By means of online payments.
  • School reserves the right to increase the fee every year.

ST. Thomus Convent School

Understanding the Transport Regulations

  • Information regarding the bus stops can be obtained from School website OR Fee counter of school
  • The school buses will not stop according to individual convenience
  • Students having bus facility are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes before the schedule of bus on their respective stop. Bus wont wait for late comers
  • Escort pass must be shown to the conductor of the bus to receive the ward by parents / guardians.
  • Direct communication for any reason what-so-ever, between parents and drivers is totally prohibited. School shall not be held responsible for any obligation arising due the same.
  • Complaints/suggestion can be forwarded regarding the transportation can be addressed in writing to Transport In charge OR Fee Clerk/Accountant OR Principal
  • In case of mis-conduct by your ward can lead to temporary or permanent discontinuation bus of facility solely decided by school authorities.
  • In case of change of route or stoppage, please write to transport in charge for further necessay actions. The fulfillment of the request depends upon the discretion of school authorities.
  • In case of private transportation, school can not be held responsible for any liability arising thereof for the same.
  • In case of stop of bus facility, parents are advised to inform the school 1 month prior.
  • On-way transportation will not be offered.
  • Parents are supposed to co-operate the school in positive manner to make the transport more efficient and reliable.
  • In between the session, transportation facility will neither be provided nor be withdrawn (b)

ST. Thomus Convent School

Understanding the General Guidelines

  • Please visit the school website on regular basis for news and new update
  • Student cannot bring mobile phone in school
  • Minimum attendance of your ward is necessary to appear in examination
  • Absentee for continuous 6 days without intimation will lead to the name strucking off.
  • Re-admission may be granted only at the discretion of the Principal
  • Wearing of ID card by student is mandatory in school
  • Parents should bring escort pass to receive their ward from school.
  • Parents and students are advised to follow the proper health guideline issued by government and school authorities.
  • Student should come to school in neat and clean school uniform

ST. Thomus Convent School