Regulations & Guidelines

Please read all guidelines provided in all given section

Understanding the Parenteral Guidelines

  • All the parents are requested to read all the Rules, Circulars & Regulations given herein as below or provided from time to time, by means of electronic or conventional mail, telephonically etc.
  • Ignorance of Rules & Regulations is not an excuse, for not following the same.
  • For a good, long lasting relation between school and parents, please communicate through right channels, when-ever it is necessary.
  • Parents are requested to deal with the school staff politely especially front desk staff viz fee clerks receptionist etc
  • Parents can discuss the academics of their wards with their teachers
    • On timings fixed by the school
    • By fixing appointments with teachers by parents through school portal
  • Parents are requested to attend the PTMs, functions

ST. Thomus Convent School

Understanding the Fee Regulations

  • Tuition fee is payable for 12 months i.e from April to March
  • Fee can be paid upto 12th of every month without fine. For more information regarding the fine policy, please contact the school's accounts department.
  • Transport fee is not charged for the month of JUNE of every year, for the students who have opted for the bus facility.
  • School fee can be deposited by either of following means
    • Cash deposit at school fee counter(upto 01:30 PM) on working days.
    • Parenteral portal allocated by school.
    • By means of online payments.
  • School reserves the right to increase the fee every year.

ST. Thomus Convent School

Understanding the Transport Regulations

  • Information regarding the bus stops can be obtained from
    • School website
    • Fee counter of school
  • The school buses will not stop according to individual convenience
  • Students having bus facility are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes before the schedule of bus on their respective stop. Bus won't wait for late comers
  • Escort pass must be shown to the conductor of the bus to receive the ward by parents / guardians.
  • Direct communication for any reason what-so-ever, between parents and drivers is totally prohibited. School shall not be held responsible for any obligation arising due the same.
  • Complaints/suggestion can be forwarded regarding the transportation can be addressed in writing to
    • Transport In charge
    • Fee Clerk/Accountant
    • Principal
  • In case of mis-conduct by your ward can lead to temporary or permanent discontinuation bus of facility solely decided by school authorities.
  • In case of change of route or stoppage, please write to transport in charge for further necessay actions. The fulfillment of the request depends upon the discretion of school authorities.
  • In case of private transportation, school can not be held responsible for any liability arising thereof for the same.
  • In case of stop of bus facility, parents are advised to inform the school 1 month prior.
  • On-way transportation will not be offered.
  • Parents are supposed to co-operate the school in positive manner to make the transport more efficient and reliable.

ST. Thomus Convent School

Understanding the General Guidelines

  • Please visit the school website on regular basis for news and new update
  • Student cannot bring mobile phone in school
  • Minimum attendance of your ward is necessary to appear in examination
  • Absentee for continuous 6 days without intimation will lead to the name strucking off.
  • Re-admission may be granted only at the discretion of the Principal
  • Wearing of ID card by student is mandatory in school
  • Parents should bring escort pass to receive their ward from school.
  • Parents and students are advised to follow the proper health guideline issued by government and school authorities.
  • Student should come to school in neat and clean school uniform

ST. Thomus Convent School